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Bartlett Farm Stand And CSA Website And Brochure

Cheryl says “We absolutely love the website, and the brochure is excellent — bold and welcoming.  We love that they’re totally coordinated.  They’re exactly what we need.”

Would you like a new website? Click here to get one.

What I did for Bartlett Farm:

  • web design
    • photo album
    • contact form
    • shopping cart
    • blog
    • custom map
    • SEO
    • spam protection
  • copywriting
  • photography
  • brochure design
  • business and marketing coaching


Writing Sample: Bahamas

March 8th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Copywriting, Portfolio, SEO

Gorgeous luminous colors, soothing seascapes, stunning cloud formations, gentle breezes, lush palms and flowers, warm water lapping at your feet – this dream is The Bahamas.

The name Grand Bahama comes from the Spanish “Gran Bajamar” meaning Great Shallows.  The shallow coastline provides beautiful, warm beaches, a delectable seashore cuisine, and figured prominently in the colorful business practices in the islands’ past, most notably piracy.  There are several islands which make up The Bahamas: the Abaco Islands, Andros Island, The Bimini Islands, Eleuthera & Harbor Island, Nassau & Paradise Island and The Outer Islands.  Each of these has its own unique character, and they all are fun.  Close enough to Florida that the lights of Miami can be seen at night, The Bahamas are a Caribbean paradise with a vibrancy, character, and charm all their own that is blended with More »

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