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Email Marketing Software and Programs

October 30th, 2008 Posted in Email Marketing, Marketing, SEO, Tech, Viral Marketing

A fundamental part of marketing is direct mail.

Used to be that companies would spend tens of thousands of dollars snail mailing sales letters and teasers and postcards and the like.  They still do, but much less frequently, because now there is email marketing.

You can just send out a simple, plain-text email.  It works.  But it’s much more effective to use graphics and to use privacy safeguards for the people who have entrusted their emails with you.  And the more sophisticated programs adjust themselves for certain limitations that different email providers like Gmail and Hotmail have.

Below is a list of email softwares and programs.

As always, use at your own risk and after determining which ones will best address your company’s needs.  Two that have been in business for years and which are proven to be both reliable and have integrity are ConstantContact and Awebber.  Let us know what’s working for you or any questions you may have!

There is a free, limited version of G-Lock, AND it has a plug-in for our favorite CMS — WordPress:

WordPress Double Opt-In Manager Widget

or get it directly from WordPress:


SendBlaster, besides having just about the cutest ever animated logo, has several important features:

  • opt-in lists
  • blacklisting (exclude people who don’t want to receive your email so that they don’t blacklist you, exclude competitors, etc.)
  • duplicate email prevention
  • multiple lists (for different topics, ie: Caribbean vacations, European cruises, America’s National Parks)
  • HTML emails and text emails
  • personalization (Dear Charlie)
  • visual editor for HTML emails
  • there’s a free version, as well as an unlimited pro version for about 75 Euros.

SendBlaster’s downsides:

  • no click-through tracking, which is really the whole point of email marketing – you want to track who is looking at what, and even when!  You want to know who is forwarding your emails.  You have to analyze to make the best use of things.
  • the free version is limited to 100 recipients at a time.

We’ll be adding more to this list over time.  Please feel free to leave links to your favorites or cautionary tales in the comments section!



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