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How To Add Headings

Find out how to keep readers on your page using an easy feature of WordPress — visually-appealing headlines.

A big bunch of plain text is no fun to read — it’s hard on the eyes and makes it hard to scan the page for relevant info.  If that happens, your readers are likely to quit the page in frustration and go back to Google for an easier one.

Here are some examples:

(hint: that’s one right up there ↑ in the line above)

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Your theme (the thing that makes your site/blog look a certain way) is what controls the way those headings look, their style, size, font, space from preceding and following paragraphs.  Who wants to have to deal with that!  That’s why it’s automated by your theme.  You can learn how to change your theme over in this WordPress video tutorial.

You can use different sizes of headings to

  • add a tiny note at the bottom of your post or page, like a footnote
  • make a cool quote really stick out
  • draw people’s eyes to your special offer and get them to buy

The reason for pre-designed headings is consistency.

Why bother?

Well, it drives people crazy if you don’t.

Most people scan a page to find the information they’re looking for.  You’ve literally only got seconds to grab their interest and keep them reading.

Here’s the video tutorial (for members only)