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Littleton, MA, October 31, 2000 – ASA Tire Systems and Inforonics announced today that a new release of will soon be available to consumers and dealers of the automotive aftermarket.
This new portal enables independent tire dealers to attract and service consumers, stay current with industry trends and information, and do business with each other. ASA Tire Systems, a division of ASA International, Ltd., develops and manages using e-Commerce services from Inforonics.
With Release 2 of, service to dealers has increased. The new dealer-to-dealer auction for tires, wheels, casings and other new or used equipment will save dealers time and money and increases exposure of the site’s banner ads. Release 2 also includes an email list server allowing dealers to broadcast email to subscribers in some 30 interest categories, industry newsfeeds, “Ask the Expert” Q&A, a list of tire industry associations, a FAQ’s page and a directory of after-market business web sites. is free to consumers. Dealers pay $240 to list each of their locations and, along with other advertisers, may also purchase banner ads.
“We are extremely excited about this release,” said ASA Tire Systems’ President Wayne C. Croswell. “It keeps ASA Tire Systems on the cutting edge of Internet commerce providing enhanced utility and functionality to the automotive aftermarket. Working with Inforonics, we have been able to turn our Internet vision into a reality. is now the dot com of the tire industry.” According to Inforonics President and CEO Bruce Buckland, “ASA is ahead of the curve.” Buckland added: “This new release is an example of a Virtual Franchise, a growing trend toward aggregating fragmented industries using the Internet.” provides dealer-subscribers with a national and local web presence without the expense and time necessary to design and maintain an in-house web site. provides location and service capability information, an email link to the dealer, interactive mapping to the location of the consumer’s choice and is linked directly to the dealer’s own eCommerce applications including on-line catalogs. The Tire Selector feature allows consumers to determine which tire fits their vehicle. Manufacturers’ co-op advertising allowances may cover the cost to the dealer-subscriber, making the most time- and cost-effective combination of advertising and eCommerce available in the tire and automotive after-market industry.

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ASA International Ltd. develops and builds enterprise-wide software solutions, delivers support and services, and empowers leading companies in a wide range of industries to achieve maximum return on their information technology investment. ASA’s software is installed in more than 1,100 businesses in North and South America and Western Europe. The company was established in 1969 and is headquartered in Framingham, MA.

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Inforonics, Inc. is a Total Service Provider of outsourced, operational eBusiness management in Littleton, MA. Inforonics builds, hosts and supports complete Internet solutions for companies looking to capitalize on change. Selected clients include Thomas Register Online, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, ASA Tire, MCI WorldCom, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts and Quallaby.